Cultural Understanding

October 5, 2010 | 04:34

Culture or cultures derived from the Sanskrit namely buddhayah, which is the plural form of buddhi (mind or intellect), defined as matters relating to the mind and human reason. In English, the culture is called culture, which comes from the Latin word Colere, namely processing or working. Can be interpreted also as cultivate the land or farming.

Culture in the broad sense is emitted than kindness and power. All what think deeper, felt and direnung diamalkan generate power in the form of life. Culture is a way of life of any nation or people. Culture is no longer viewed as a stream of science and high thinking and pure of any nation to regulate the life of civilization is based.

Culture is closely connected to the community. Melville J. Herskovits and Bronislaw Malinowski argued that everything contained in this society is determined by culture which is owned by the community itself. The term for it is the opinion of the Cultural-Determinism. Herskovits view culture as something handed down from one generation to another, who then referred to as superorganic. According to Andreas Eppink, contains the entire understanding of culture, values, norms, knowledge and overall social structures, religious, etc., again all the extra intellectual and artistic statement that characterizes a society.

According to Edward B. Tylor, culture is a complex whole, which it contains knowledge, belief, art, morals, laws, customs, and other skills gained a person as a member of the community.

From the various definitions, we can obtain an understanding of culture which will affect the level of knowledge and cover the system of ideas or the ideas contained in the human mind, so that in everyday life, the culture is abstract. While the embodiment of culture are the objects created by humans as being a civilized form of behavior and things that are tangible, such as behavioral patterns, language, equipment life, social organization, religion, art, etc., which all intended to help sustain the lives of human beings in society.
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