Internet for Education

October 8, 2010 | 04:46

At the present time is certainly benefit from the internet already can be perceived from various circles. Where the internet which is one of the world's largest media used as a spur future advances in education.

Internet technology is present in all benefits, as a medium of information and communication. Communication over the Internet can be either interpersonal (eg e-mail and chat), or mass, known as one to many communication (eg mailing lists). Internet is also able to attend in real time audio visual as in the conventional method with the application teleconference.

Internet knows no national boundaries, race, economic class, ideology or other factors that usually can inhibit the exchange of ideas. The Internet is a world community that is very democratic and has a code of ethics that are respected all members. Benefits of the Internet mainly obtained through cooperation between individuals or groups regardless the distance and time limits. To further improve the quality of human resources in Indonesia, it is time the world of business and education in Indonesia, utilizing the Internet network and become part of the world information society.
Internet Benefits above may be immediately felt by people in rural and hinterland.
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