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October 15, 2010 | 02:09

We have a personal blog than as a place to learn to write, share information and make friends, can also be used as a place to look for additional income for us.

Looking for extra income today is not only done in the world oofline only, but also in the online world we could seek additional income through our blog. But to seek additional income from your blog or online world do not use methods that are not appropriate or use an unnatural way, if it is done will lead to bad consequences for our own.

Many a good way that can be done to look for additional income or earn extra cash from a personal blog that we have. For example, to get additional money from blogs, we can promote efforts in oofline world we are living by advertising on our blogs, so if there is someone who happens to discover and unlock our blogs and read them, if that person chance to find what we are promoting earlier and by chance also what he was looking liking, then it is probable that person will contact us through our address we have included earlier to asks or contact directly to make an offer. In the event of purchasing it so that we have personal blogs can be a means to earn additional income.

Another way that can be done to take advantage of the blog we have to look for additional income, we can follow the online business programs available with a publiser or advertising publishers by providing space on our blogs as a place for advertising of the program-program online business many in the online world, but with terms and conditions we must first become a member and have accounts in them that we will follow the program by registering in the program, for example google adsense.

To be able to pair the ads from google adsense on our blogs, we have to register first and have the account as mentioned above.

From some of the examples above, are ways that can be done to make the blog as a means to earn additional income.
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