How to Make a Blog on Blogspot

November 5, 2010 | 17:55

In this post will discuss how to create a blog on blogspot. The step by step as follows:

The basic steps how to create a blog with blogspot :

1. Beginnings. Open or, if you already have a gmail account (google) you can simply fill in your username and password. Then click Create YOUR BLOG.

2. Form Filling Blogspot. Fill out the required data in the form below then click CONTINUE. These data include: e-mail address, password, display name, code verification. After that check the little box on the Admission Requirements. You can also read first admission requirements from google.

3. Give Your Blog Name. Write a headline / title of the blog which you will create for example "Tutorial Create a Blog" then write the name of the blog address with all small letters for example tutorialbikinblog, click "Check Availability" on the arrow, if it appears the phrase "Sorry, this blog address is already available" try look for other names such as "how-make-blog" then click again "Check Availability" to appear sentence "The address of this blog is available". After that click "Continue".

4. Select Template. Select the template that you like (can be changed or replaced later), see the arrow after that click "Continue" for a while using the default template.

5. Blog Done. Click "start blogging" to fill or to post an article on a new blog with content in accordance with the title of the blog.

6. Start Blogging. This is where the main and most important step-making blog where you post articles that can be published so that it can be accessed from all over the world. Make your articles or content that are useful for the reader so they will not be bored to visit it again.

7. New Posts. Write an article on the post box, you also can set the text color, style, paragraph, upload photos / images and so on. Should the label / tag is filled (small box at the bottom right post). Customize labels with articles that are posted for example: "Create Blog, how to Create a Blog". If more than one label, separate them with commas (,). Click Publish Post in the lower left post.

8. Post Done. Until this step you've mempuyai new blog with the address: http:// Next click on "View Blog" then your blog that has been published will appear.
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