Preparation and Facing Interviews

February 2, 2011 | 21:23

The interview is part of the hiring process that often makes many people feel afraid of failure. In contrast to other processes such as psychological test or tests skills that may still be predictable, totally unexpected interview, both interviewers and questions about the character that will be filed.

One thing is for sure, the interview process has a specific purpose. It could be intended to better know the technical skills possessed applicants, knowing the personality of applicants, or just knowing the ability of applicants to handle different situations.

Interviews are usually done to complete the written test results. The things that can not be obtained from the written test will be explored through the interview process. In this case, that is required to truly master the proposed work area, so that any questions raised can be answered satisfactorily. Even though the same test of knowledge, but the interview a bit more difficult because it must be able to express this knowledge verbally.

For a job seeker who is called to a job interview, you should notice a few things like this :

• Make sure already know where the interview.
• If not told in advance what type of clothing should be worn, then use the formal clothes, clean and tidy.
• Prepare yourself in answering the questions that may be filed interviewer.
• Try to arrive ten minutes early, if forced to be late because there is an interruption in travel immediately notify the company (the interviewer).
• Sapa security guard or receptionist that you meet with a friendly.
• If you must fill out a form, fill it completely and neatly.
• Say hello (good morning / afternoon / evening) to the interviewer.
• Remain standing until you are welcome to sit. Sitting with an upright and balanced position.
• Prepare a cover letter and your CV.
• Remember the good name of the interviewer.
• Make eye contact with the interviewer.
• Stay focused on the questions asked the interviewer.
• Show your enthusiasm and interest in the proposed position and the company.
• Use formal language, not jargon or slang, unless you are interviewed to be able to use that language.
• Show positive things you will ever achieve.
• Show energy and confidence high.
• Indicate what can you do to the company rather than what can be given by the company to you.
• Explain as detailed as possible the things asked by the interviewer.
• Ask a few questions around the quality of your work and business in general.
• Speaking with a voice loud enough so that it can be heard by the interviewer.
• End the interview by asking what you should do next.
• Say a lot to thank the interviewer for the time and opportunity given to you.
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