Accelerate Internet Connection

March 11, 2011 | 12:50

Access to a slow Internet connection would make us have problems and even make us feel irritated because eventually wait in front of the computer being used. There are a few tips or simple ways that can be used to speed up internet connection as the need for browsing, chat, check email, or even need to download the documents / files that we need.

Here is a simple way that can be used to increase the access speed Internet connection:

The first way

This can help to speed up the dial up connection to the internet:

1. Click Star
2. Select Run
3. Type gpedi.msc
4. Click Ok
5. Once entered click Administrative Templates
6. Then Click on Network
7. Once open click QoS Packet scheduler
8. Then click on Limit Reservable Bandwidth
9. Once open change the setting to Enable
10. Then change bandwidth limit to 0
11. Click Apply, Ok
12. Once completed then exit and restart your computer

Both Ways

This can help to improve loading speed internet:

1. Click Star
2. Select Run
3. Type ncpa.cpl
4. Click Ok
5. Then right click on the active application
6. Choose Properties
7. On Networking / General Tab
-> Select internet protocol (TCP / IP)
-> Properties
-> Select Use DNS (Domain Name Server) and type the code below:

in box preferred
on alternate box

8. Last Double Ok

Hopefully Helpful.
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