Daik (Former center of the kingdom of Riau-Lingga)

June 14, 2011 | 08:04

Daik, formerly almost a hundred years became the center of the kingdom of Riau-Lingga, now the capital of the District Lingga, Riau Islands regency.

The Daik city is situated on the river Daik, can only be passed by boat or motor boat at high tide. When the water receded, the river dries Daik and can not be passed. Other Transportation is by road to the village Resun on the river Resun. From there the river continues into the estuary (Pancur) located on the northern coast of the island of Lingga, across Senayang.

Over a hundred years Daik become the center of the kingdom, surely there are many historical relics and so on. The kings of the kingdom of Riau-Lingga who ruled the kingdom during the period of the royal center at Daik Lingga namely: Sultan Abdurakhman Syah (1812-1832), Sultan Muhammad Syah (1832-1841), Sultan Mahmud Muzafar Syah (1841-1857), Sultan Sulalman Badrul Alam Syah II (1857-1883) and Sultan Abdurrakhman Muazzam Syah (1883-1911).
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