Fortress Hill Cening in Daik

July 9, 2011 | 01:24

Daik during the first as the center of the kingdom of Riau - Lingga, would require strict guard. The existence of the fort was intended to keep Daik as the center of the kingdom of Riau - Lingga from possible enemy attack. Given that the waters of the Malacca Strait had always crowded and traffic is an area of international trade. History at that time also showed that this region has occurred several times a great battle in the fight over territory.

To keep the various possibilities in battle, in Daik Lingga and the surrounding established a solid bulwark with panoply according to the circumstances of his day. One is the stronghold of Bukit Cening.

Fortress measuring 32 m X 30 m is located at Bukit Cening Kampung Seranggung, Built during the reign of Sultan Mahmud Syah III (1761-1812). Inside the fort there are 19 pieces cannon, two of which were labeled with the number 1783 and 1797 as well as VOC. Longest cannon-sized 2.80 m and diameter 12 cm, also called the Meriam Tupai Beradu flanked either side by Meriam Mahkota Raja. (
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