PapaTiti Online Getting Page Rank 2/10

July 14, 2011 | 07:22

Thanks I say,

I guess my posting this rather late, because in the beginning this post I will not publish. But as a sense of joy, thanks and gratitude, I finally concluded for posting this post.

PapaTiti Online is a personal blog that I manage for about 10 months it has managed to get a gift from google is a Page Rank 2/10, never thought this blog could get a Page Rank 2/10.

I actually dont know what the benchmark of Google in raising one's blog ranking. Is the number of his writings, the contents of the article, the number of visitors or number of comments.

Not a lot of useful information presented from this blog. Maybe a handful of writing really gives something new information. But anyway, Google have some other criteria that has become their standard. Thanks to Google for giving Page Rank 2/10 on PapaTiti Online.

I hope to further learn and eager to improve ability to write and manage blogs. Once again I hope this makes the new encouragement for me.
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