Ramadhan | To Self Introspection

August 14, 2011 | 14:21

Often we experience in life is the failure of something that had been planned. But on the contrary we have planned, we can look back the cause of failure.

In this life, can be likened to a ship that will sail, of course requires a direction and not lose the importance of knowing the correct position while in the ocean. A little mistake would make the ship will lose direction. Likewise, the lives we live it, definitely need direction and purpose.

There are many events that can be used as a lesson for us in living this life. we can take lessons and interpret events that occur around, in order to develop themselves to be even better. Experiences and failures that we experience will not always give the same results for the future. However, from experience and failure that we must learn.

Through self introspection, we will be able to find the meaning of any purpose to life, and further ascertain whether the purpose of life that we have set ourselves is directed or not. Through self-introspection, way we will be able to understand the advantages and disadvantages that we have. Never hesitate to self introspection, because we need it.

In this the month of Ramadhan is a good time for us to look inward, so that we can see the state of ourselves and try to be honest in self introspection to get a true picture of ourselves. Hopefully we can do.
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