The Best of Female Guitarist in Indonesian

September 8, 2011 | 04:19

Playing guitar is a hobby that comes with music. A guitarist is sometimes synonymous with the life of a man. However, not least also the instrument can be played by women. In Indonesia many women who have a hobby of playing guitar. The average woman likes a certain band or even their music has been incorporated in it. But there are also women who join the hobby of playing guitar without a band or they could be playing singles and famous artist in Indonesian.

Here are some of the names of the best female guitarist in Indonesian that was obtained from various sources:

1. Risa Rianzi
This woman was categorized as Indonesia's best female artist who advanced to play the guitar. This woman's full name is Prisa Adinda Arini Rianzi, born in Jakarta on January 6, 1988 and be able to play the guitar genre of metal that is the result of his inspiration from world music bands.

2. Mitha The Virgin
The woman who has a hobby of playing guitar full name Cameria Happy Pramita, born in Jakarta on January 2, 1986. This woman is now getting his career skyrocketed after a new group called "The Virgin".

3. Tashea Nicole Delaney
Tashea Nicole Delaney was born in Jakarta on July 10, 1988 and started the hobby of playing guitar manually. This woman used to love listening to songs of classic bands like Led Zeppelin, Motley Crue to Skid Row.

4. Chua Kotak
This girl's full name Swasti Sabdastantri. Likes to play guitar since early childhood up to college and become famous. Chua often appear at various events until finally he was appointed as the bassist of the band group named "Kotak" on the second album.

5. Prinzes "Ices" Amanda
This woman is known by the call Ices and began his career with bassist auditioned at The Dream Band. Ices was born in Bandung on June 8, 1987 and entered into the category best female guitar player in Indonesian.

6. Dodo D'Cinnamons
This woman's full name is Diana Widoera and fondly called Dodo. Is one of the official founders of the band D'Cinnamons in 2004, ago. With the rebound acoustic guitar he played, he was able to become a woman's best option in terms of playing guitar.

7. She Qoqo
This woman's full name Qotrunnada Fitriana. Having a nickname Qoqo and have joined the "Group Music She", replace Jesica Lindros. Guitar is the guitar that he had been entrusted alectrik of the songs in the album "She".

8. Oppie Andaresta
His name has been known to the public after his presence on television by singing songs relaxed. Women born January 20, 1973 has produced five albums since 1993. Lately he's launched a new song titled "I'm Single, I'm Very Happy" and launched without an album.

9. Nissa Omelette
The original name of this woman is Tjut Faranissa Bachrumsyah. Born in Jakarta on 22 April 1989. This woman has joined various bands such as Aria Grands, Telor Ceplok, Music school All Star, Kotak, until he finally joined the Omelette.

10. Jojo Draven
Perhaps the name Jojo Draven never encountered on television or other media. Because women are more known abroad. He had joined a band called Phantom Blue, and she has also never been in a band group The Iron Maiden and earned several awards as the best female guitarist.

It turned out that in Indonesian many women who play guitar to their hobby and became a famous artist in Indonesian and even overseas.
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