Companions Can Reduce Stress

September 28, 2011 | 13:45

Having a good friend, surely they would not mind helping when we are in a state of distress and stress. Friends of the closest people around us are people who are very important, especially in terms of character and spiritual formation. People who are lonely are easier to get the risk of depression than those who frequent social contact more heavily on those closest.

People who like to socialize with colleagues and friends will get a very positive impact in terms of health. Support from colleagues and friends will encourage someone to do positive things.

If a friend can be a proponent of physical health, they can certainly help when the health in our minds disturbed. Stress, anxiety, unhappiness, and not excited are things that can be cured by our own friends. With the presence of friends, we can gripe and exchanging ideas to relieve the mind of anxiety and stress. Thus, of some of the burden will be reduced in our minds.

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