First kiss, First step Recognizing Pairs

October 31, 2011 | 03:14

First kiss, not only able to increase intimacy in sexual relationships, but with the first kiss was also useful to establish better communication with your partner. That's why the first kiss to be very memorable and will be the first step in recognizing pairs. As stated Dr. Lucy Vincent, neurobiology expert and author of L'AMOUR DE A à XY, about the first kiss follows.

A kiss is the beginning of a new relationship

Before you and kiss your partner, you are only two separate individuals. But when lips touch each other, the relationship leading to a higher level. After kissing, you will notice a change in the relationship and there are new things that begin with physical pleasure, and this will make you understand your partner more than ever.

Kissing overcome repulsion

Kissing gives the opportunity to feel the breath of each other with extraordinary physical intimacy and sexual intimacy much different. With kissing and without realizing it, managed to suppress a sense of revulsion that usually arise when a person exposed to body fluids of others, such as saliva, or even just sweat. The loss of the natural revulsion experienced by the couple, because their minds are responding to the kiss as a fun thing.

Kissing is a way of mate selection

In biology, kissing can also determine who the couples who are genetically most compatible with you. There are hard-wired mechanisms that assess health, reproductive status, and genetic compatibility when you kiss. Therefore, what happens during that first kiss, could determine the suitability of the couple. Because when kissing, you can actually hear, see, and feel your partner. Kissing is communication without words that express who you are, what they want, and what you can provide.

Hopefully impressive.

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