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October 1, 2011 | 03:09

Create and have a blog of course has its own purpose of the blog owner. One purpose of which is believed to exist of every owner of the blog is to get lots of visitors, and also hope that there is to comment, either on the post that came from the work itself or sourced from other blogs which published excerpts back as the story content, news, information, poetry, opinions, education, tutorials, tips, tricks, and so forth.

With visitors and comments, of course we will feel happy and grateful. We will also find posts that we make to the quality of its own. But that sometimes makes of the question, whether the visit and comments from visitors and owners of other blogs we have to respond?

In blogging, we are familiar with the term return visit. This term is defined reply to visit from other blog owners who had first visited the blogs that we have. Visit each other and reply to comments is not a written rule in blogging, but rather a moral and ethical values, although we do not ask visitors and owners of other blogs to visit and comment. But the reply to the visit and comments from visitors and other blogs is indeed very necessary, especially given the visit and comment is a question which is expected to answer the comments, although there are no binding rules.

Indeed, at a given moment we can not or have not been able to provide a reciprocal visit, and comment from visitors or owners of other blogs. This problem may be we are getting many visitors, or perhaps because we have to implement obligations and work in the offline world that causes us to not be online for a long time, and this of course this could make the feelings go awry. If we do not respond to requests and reply comments, we would be considered arrogant by other blog owners.

For me, every visit and comments that I have given there is no obligation to respond and I also like to thank all the visitors as well as on the friends of the visit that has been given to the accompaniment of a sense of sincerity on this blog. I apologize if there are blogs of friends, too late for my visit and comment replies.

Congratulations to work .... Happy blogging!!!
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