When Your Friend More Choosing the Beloved

October 31, 2011 | 02:57

By the time you and your friend are both single status, friends will always take more time for you. But when he has found love, you will be number two and forgotten.
As a good friend, of course you have to understand this situation and also happy for him. there are several lessons to be drawn from this situation.

1. If you are forgetting a friend
If you are honest with yourself, then you can more easily face the reality that real friends do not go everywhere. And if you as pelakonnya, you must also spend time with a new lover.

2. Understanding Your Feelings
If you feel lonely and think, why the friends of those who received first lover than you, of all those feelings, which seemed like envy, what exactly is a trigger, you should throw all negative feelings, because ultimately you are the losers. Too much thinking about things that are not important can make you gather the hatred that should not exist.

3. Dependence
When you consider a friend like soul mates, he will always be looking for and there is a sense of dependency. Give up this pattern, because that can make yourself happy is yourself.

4. Created the activity yourself with new things
This is a good moment to do the things you want to do for a long time but always delayed. Start and use your free time, to find the identity and character that have not had time to update you do.

5. Removing yourself
Although painful, your role as a friend can be replaced by others at any time. If you've seen the signs, that you are often disappointed and he just focused on her lover, soothe yourself and friends with new people.
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