'Flirt' who Favored by Men

November 7, 2011 | 17:10

What do you usually do to attract the attention of the opposite sex? In many ways, you certainly will do so in order to attract the attention of the opposite sex. Like, from the way the appearance or dress and a variety of other ways.

Basically, every man does not like things too much. Included also in the case that men like to seduction. Men would rather type a simple seduction, some of which are as follows.

1. Hi!

Only with the greeting, has made pleasure for men. Moreover, if the greeting is accompanied with a sweet smile. Seduction of this type reveals that you have an open personality, warm and friendly.

2. Healthy humor

In the humor, it is often uncomfortable and make us wrong in pronouncing words - words. In truth, we want to make a positive humor. However, it makes a man may be offended. So, should we be careful with humor can criticize appearance, or anything related directly to him.

3. Listen to them

If you are accustomed to in her social, is a good start. One of the tips in attracting the attention of men like is to hear him speak with great attention and admiration.

4. Praise him

Giving attention and praise for the physical or body it has certainly not burdensome for you to do. Because, part of the body or physical stocky and muscular certainly be obtained from the hard work he was doing.

5. Touch

The touch is meant here, not a cheap or a flirty touch. However, a gentle touch of a spontaneous, which can create the same impact as a smile.

So, which way would you do, and Could you do it ... Back to you who decide.
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