Making Brighter Skin Face with Tomato & Oatmeal

November 30, 2011 | 09:51

Having a clear skin is everyone's dream. Many products that claim to brighten and make your skin glow. Ranging from soap to facial cream that offers to whiten skin. However, if wrong in choosing a product, it could cause facial skin becomes thinner and easily irritated. Therefore, it would not hurt if you try natural treatments.

As released by the Times of India, tomatoes and oatmeal can provide health benefits and make the face look brighter. Tomatoes are commonly used as ingredients in the pills aging, efficacious repair and protect skin from the effects of ultraviolet rays.

The red color in tomatoes is caused by the pigment lycopene, a substance which proved to be effective as an antioxidant and is able to prevent the occurrence of skin cancer by destroying free radicals in the body due to cigarettes and pollution.

Tomato mask was also easy to make. The trick, mix the tomatoes with 250 ml of milk and water. Chill in the fridge, then apply to face for about 10 minutes. Wear this mask once to twice a day, for one week for a bright and shining faces.

Not much different from the functions of tomatoes, Oatmeal is also useful for facial skin exfoliation. Oatmeal is beneficial to remove dead skin cells and make skin look brighter. You can use oatmeal to exfoliate the face.

How to make a face mask with oatmeal is also not difficult, mix a quarter cup of oatmeal with milk, stir to form a paste. Then, rub into face and rinse thoroughly.

But remember, do not do the scrubbing every day because it can make the skin loses its natural moisture. Do this treatment once a week for maximum results.
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