To Not Obsessed with Ex-Lover

November 2, 2011 | 05:27

Parted ways with lover, it feels painful. Especially if it is in love. No wonder that after separation, the desire to contact a former lover or to reestablish a relationship is always there, because they can not forget a former lover. Many women are obsessed with a former lover even though they have long been broken. Various reasons make them continue to remember and find out about the former lover. However, whether this means you can not forget a former lover?

According to Rebecca Gladding, MD, author of 'You Are Not Your Brain', if you can handle a breakup problems the right way, then you can more quickly forget the man and get on with life. But how? Gladding provides four tips to deal with it.

1. Looking for other focus in 30 minutes
Perhaps you often think to invite former lovers meet on weekends, because you miss him. Think again, maybe by then you're just feeling lonely or bored, and he has always been there to help dissipate such feelings.

To overcome this, use a 30-minute rule. When you want to contact a former lover, do other things that can distract such as sports or watching a favorite movie. This sounds simple and corny, but divert attention for 30 minutes can reduce the desire to contact a former lover.

2. Recognize triggers the problem
Try to think for a moment, what makes you think back to a former lover? According to Gladding, every woman has different triggers, it can be anything, such as your favorite song together, a restaurant frequented together, and so on. Therefore, for a while try to avoid opening or saving gift items in place that is hard to find.

3. Contact your closest friends
The way to distract the most appropriate is to speak or to contact your friend. It may sound very corny, but this way can really help you when it is in difficult times such as the breakup. talk with friends about the fun things like planning a vacation.

4. Making a list
Think of 3 reasons, why you are better off without him. Viewed in terms of a positive relationship was very enjoyable, but more importantly to see the reality that happens in relationships. When you realize, that in fact there is reason to be happier without the ex-lover, then you can throw away all desire to return to him, just because a sense of comfort.
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