Batam students successfully assemble Laptop and LCD Projector

January 8, 2012 | 16:39

The ability of Indonesian students in making tech products worthy to be proud of. If previously, students Vocational School (SMK) in Surakarta managed to assemble a car named Kiat Esemka, now in Batam, Student SMKN 1 Department of Computer Engineering Network (TKJ), also managed to assemble 161 units of laptops and 64 LCD the quality and projector worth selling.

The headmaster SMKN 1 Batam, Deden Suranda say, a laptop and LCD projector were the work of the students' grade I-II and III, majoring in Computer Engineering Network (TKJ). Now, the laptop and the projector has been spread over the existing vocational school in the province of Riau Islands. Each vocational school principals have come directly to SMKN a Batam and pick it up at the end of last December 2011.

Meanwhile, Ahmad, as Vice and Public Relations SMKN 1 Batam, said, students will perform the next assembly of the LCD Projector, Personal Computer (PC) and is currently running.

All LCD, PCs, and laptops is a relief from the Directorate of Vocational Secondary Education center. Directorate accidentally send the goods have not finished it, to further assembled students as practice material, clearly Ahmad.

Ahmad also added, using sophisticated tools like that are very supportive of education, especially vocational technology, such as SMKN 1 Batam. Students are now more responsive with the latest tools and was able to operate and assemble.

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