Penyengat Island | New Destinations Tourism in the Riau Islands

January 9, 2012 | 03:44

(Penyengat Island/Haluankepri)

Penyengat Island is one of the attractions in the Riau Islands. Penyengat Island kept many rich history, art and culture, especially the art of Malay culture.

Penyengat Island is a small island which is about 6 km from the city of Tanjung Pinang, Riau Islands province, or and is about 35 km from Batam island, Indonesia.

(Masjid Raya Sultan Riau/wikidedia)

Among the historical relics, such as the Masjid Raya Sultan Riau which is made from egg whites, Benteng Bukit Kursi, Benteng Bukit Penggawa, Gedung Mesiu, Makam Raja Haji Fisabilillah, Makam Tengku Halimah, Makam Raja Jaafar, Balai Adat, Sumur Puteri, and others. Arts and cultural heritage, such as, Art Ghazal music, Dance Zapin, Gurindam 12.

Penyengat Island has become a new tourist destinations in the province of Riau Islands. As a tourist attraction areas in Riau Islands province, especially Tanjungpinang, will certainly lead to positive effects for the economy of the surrounding residents.

Hopefully declaration Penyengat Island as a tourist icon in the Riau Islands can be accomplished and a well supported with adequate facilities and infrastructure, as an effort to attract tourists to come.
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