World's smallest car will again be produced

January 24, 2012 | 20:13

The world's smallest car Peel P50 is a car made by the Peel Engineering. The smallest car that will return again produced.

Is a group of British businessmen who agreed to build again the Peel Engineering from hibernation.

As reported by autoblog, not only the P50 which will re-enter in production but also the Trident. Both have opened the list of reservations.

Both models will start with the engine 49 cc two-stroke gasoline-fueled, this tiny vehicle has only 3.35 horsepower, but the buyer will also be able to choose one of the two motors are electric versions will be available.

An electric motor can produce 1.6 horsepower and drove the car to 15 miles per hour. Thus indirectly the vehicle is able to compete with golf carts.

Does not stop there, with a 4-horsepower engine is also available, capable of pushing three wheels with a top speed of up to 28-50 miles per hour.

With his little body, this vehicle can be brought into the office through the elevator, certainly more than it will also be easier to get a parking space.

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