Monster in the deep ocean | Tiny sea creatures look like they came from another planet

February 25, 2012 | 17:41

Looks like a monster, tiny sea creatures look like they came from another planet. Living far estranged from the beam, this scary-looking creature at the bottom of Earth's deepest ocean.

Stunning images of polychaetes or worm scale, showing how these creatures have evolved to withstand the intense pressure of more than a thousand feet below the water surface, where sunlight can not penetrate it. It is hoped the discovery of this region can provide a bright spot, the possibility of life on other planets.

Of these polychaetes images that can show their mouth and out, making it easier to swallow prey. This picture was revealed in a series of images just released by researchers in the sea.

Creatures whose length is more than two or three inches, is part of an ecosystem are not known until 40 years ago. But since the 1970s, technological developments have enabled a deeper exploration and the application allows the scientists to review their ideas about the deep ocean floor.

Instead of finding a barren desert, they actually found a diverse community of creatures living there and around hydrothermal vents. More popularly known as 'smokers', these hydrothermal vents are cracks in the seafloor that biasnaya found around the quake zone, volcanic and tectonic plate edges.

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