Seven things that can be learned from Jeremy Lin

February 14, 2012 | 09:11

Jeremy Lin is so popular and trendy today. The story of the struggle that is so complicated until finally he was successful. Since scoring 38 points against the Lakers, now Jeremy Lin already have 200.000 followers on Twitter.

What can we learn from Jeremy Lin? and how we can practice it in daily life or work? As quoted from Republika, Here are seven things that can be learned from Jeremy Lin.

1. Believe in yourself, when others do not

Jeremy Lin is a graduate of Harvard third that made it into the NBA. He also is a bit of a number of Asian-Americans basketball player who played in the NBA (Jeremy Lin's parents are from Taiwan).

Jeremy Lin sent the Knicks to play in the D-League team they were three weeks ago. Jeremy Lin has also been rejected by two other NBA teams (the Rockets and Warriors) before joining the Knicks in this 2011-2012 season. We must continue to believe about yourself, when others do not.

2. When the opportunity comes, take advantage of opportunities as possible

Jeremy Lin could be a starter Knicks because they have no other choice. Knicks too many players to injury. Baron Davis is still not ready to play. Amare Stoudemire could not be with the team because there are families who are dies.

We will never know when opportunity will come up in life, even a chance it could come when we are not waiting for it. But when the opportunity comes, take advantage of opportunities as possible.

3. Always support the family

Jeremy Lin's contract until the end of the 2011-12 season by the Knicks had just secured a few days ago. Prior to that, Jeremy Lin still had to ride sleeping on the couch his brother's (on the Lower East Side).

Lin family has always supported and believed in him. It contributed to Jeremy Lin to continue to believe in the ability itself. If you want your family to believe in your self, you should always support your family when they're needed.

4. Find a system that suits you

Mike D'Antoni offense system works perfectly to show the strength of Jeremy Lin.

5. Work hard

Jeremy Lin will not be able to take advantage of existing opportunities to play, if he had not worked hard all his life to perfect the skill to play basketball. There are no shortcuts to success. Coming to the training center in the morning, and finish of the last exercise. You can only control your ability to work harder than anyone else.

6. Thank your co-workers, and they will love you forever

When his fellow media asked about the secret of his success Jeremy Lin, Jeremy Lin will talk about how great the Knicks teammate.

7. Remain humble

It is remarkable if you look at how Jeremy Lin remained humble, despite being known to the wider public today. This will make it more beloved fans and teammates. Remain humble when serving demand from fans, when you have not known or when it reached a high popularity.
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