The Importance of Education In The Life

October 2, 2010 | 03:43

Education is the process of changing attitudes and good behavior or group of people in a mature business people through teaching and training efforts; process, how to educate and act.

The definition should not be underestimated and ignored just like that. The definition contains a broad meaning for linking education with the level of psychiatric or maturation of a person through the process of teaching and specific training.

At the bottom are creatures besides humans should and can be educated and can also be educational. In this case expected to be educated and educate the process can be sustained or continuous. Conscious or unconscious emotional control equipment education is primarily about how people respond to various problems of life by looking for the best. Why so? Because in education there is an enlightened heart. In education creation implied meaning about the nature of man in this earth. The nature we live in this world is searching for a truth of a matter and reflect on what we have done and try to do things that are useful in life.

From the above meaning and understanding of education, Are we still evasive about the importance of education? How important education is to be able to pulse with life and education of course, we have an epiphany about the meaning and essence of life in this world.
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