Software For The Practical Color Blind Test (Software Tes Buta Warna)

March 20, 2011 | 07:16

Color blindness test is one test that is required in medical tests. If want to go to college at a certain majors or register as civil servants, police or army, it usually will face the color blind test.

Color blindness test method is often used by the Ishihara test method dr. Shinobu Ishihara. And usually have an eye doctor Ishihara book consisting of 38 images (38 plates) to be tested on patients. Well, these images is to be included in one software to be used as a color blind test software.

This software is color-blind test with Ishihara method, short test color blindness (8 pictures taken from the collection of books Ishihara), and color blindness tests in the form of two-dimensional wake.

Test results from this software there are three, normal, partial color blindness and total color blindness. The three results can be obtained from the testing of 38 images Ishihara method. Picture number one to 25 is a matter of guess the number. A person with normal sighted should answer from question number 1 to 17 and about the number 22 to 25. Except for number 18 to 21 can only be seen clearly by people with color blindness. Problem number 26 to 38 is about where one should see the rail lines in the picture. A normal person can see the lane lines on the question number 26 to 38 except number 27 and 28 because the two images can be seen clearly by people with color blindness.

To question number 1 and 38 should be seen clearly by normal people and patients with partial color blindness total color blindness except. So actually only the second image is usually able to distinguish between patients with total color blindness with normal people + people with partial color blindness.

With the diagnosis of each problem that has been described above, the assessment can be drawn from the results that have been answered by the test participants. This software provides 3 types of tests. Complete test, short tests and tests with about the form of two-dimensional wake.

This is one test sample Ishihara color blindness test (question number one). Type this problem started from number 1 to about number 25.

As for the number 26 to 38, because the type like the following picture:

Results of tests are indicated as the following figure:

If interested would like to have this software, please click the link below to download.

>> Download Software Color Blind Test

Or shaped like a flash, there are more simple and attractive bonus at the end of his color blindness test, click the link below to download.

>> Download 2

Hopefully useful.

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