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March 12, 2011 | 23:55

After fiddling with the template also finally see how to create or write the words under each post on the blog. For my friend who also wanted to create a message under the posts like the one in the bottom of the article / posting this, the following steps.

1. First friend Log in first to blogger.com course with the ID mate.
2. Once entered into the Dashboard, then click the Layout
3. After that click on Edit HTML
4. Click Expand Widget Templates
5. Back up your template first
6. Search code: <p><data:post.body/></p> or <data:post.body/>
7. For easy, search by pressing Ctrl + F
8. Copy the code below and put it under that code

<b>Write the word or message that will appear here ...</b>

9. Replace the text in bold black on top with the word or message to be written.
10. Save the template and see the results.

Hopefully Helpful.
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