Dabo Singkep

March 27, 2011 | 05:31

Dabo Singkep is part of the District Singkep region, namely the area now is in the region Lingga District administration of Riau Islands Province. Dabo Singkep located on an island known as Pulau Singkep. Singkep Island is one of the islands formerly producing tin mine in Indonesia, instead of Bangka and Belitung. But over time the mine produced Singkep island began to decrease, it has the lid is marked with a tin mining company in Singkep island which has been operating more or less since the year 1812-1992.

Lingga District consists of 5 District of Senayang, Lingga Utara, Lingga, Singkep, and Singkep Barat. Capital City District is located in Daik Lingga, while Dabo Singkep itself is the capital city of the district Singkep.

In Dabo Singkep existing facilities and infrastructure can be said is sufficient, although some are relics of tin mining company that had once operated, the current facilities and infrastructure has been handed over and be an asset to local government. Facilities and infrastructure are managed and some have undergone renovations, such as ports Dabo who was once there is a range of damage present in previous years has undergone renovation with the hope that they can stop off at ports by ships coming from other areas, the existing airports in Dabo Singkep also expected to be a means of transportation air line that can connect Dabo Singkep with other regions, Regional General Hospital (Hospital) that there also has undergone renovations and the hope is also to provide services at the local and surrounding communities both in terms of health and medicine . In addition to the above facilities and infrastructure, there are still many more existing facilities and infrastructure such as national buildings, roads, means of communication, sports, tourism, lodging, banking, education, etc..

Dabo Singkep is a city that is safe, quiet, and peaceful. There will be charisma when visiting, especially when greeted with the hospitality of people do not like the noise, violence and so forth. Culture is thick with Malay tradition, has retained the hallmark Dabo Singkep residents are friendly and easy to get along with the tribes residing in areas outside Dabo Singkep. With the Malay tradition of strong, capable people Dabo Singkep Malay ancestral heritage that has been embedded since the time of previous ancestors.

In terms of tourism or tourist attractions, the very aptly when visitors came to Dabo Singkep off the day with a visit to various tourist attraction such as Pantai Batu Berdaun and Pantai Indah Sergang that is located not so far from downtown Dabo Singkep, and many other beaches. Apart from tourist beaches, there is also a place called Batu Ampar which is a tourist attraction baths, here are available for swimming pools for children or adults in which the water comes from mountain in Dabo Singkep. And it's not complete until the Dabo Singkep if not visit the hot spring, which is its own unique attractions for Dabo Singkep. Where in the swimming-pool is provided, below that there are sulfur-sulfur derived from nature so that the water in these ponds into heat. Here is exactly right if you want to eliminate pain, stiffness and fatigue in the body to soak the body in the pond. Of all places to be visited, there are many more attractions in Dabo Singkep.

So quick post about Dabo Singkep, may be slightly introduced him to the general public with the hope Dabo Singkep to be more advanced than today.
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