Enlarge Photo on Facebook Without Clicking Links

March 16, 2011 | 19:45

When we are on the facebook page, often times we want to see pictures or photos uploaded by colleagues / friends on facebook. But as always to see the pictures or the photos we first have to click on a link or image in order to appear larger. Well at this time, as the experience I have gained, there is one of the applications or add ons that allows you to enlarge pictures or photos that we want to see on facebook page without clicking a link or image to make it look great, but we simply point the mouse is used to pictures or photographs.

With this application of course we can save you time also saves Internet bandwidth is used.

Well .. for a colleague or friend who wants to try the applications or add ons this straight:


For that use the Mozilla Firefox browser, Install up PhotoZoom and click here
While using Google Chrome to install up PhotoZoom click here


Once installed, look at the bottom right corner there are icons fecebook PhotoZoom is up and running.


Login to facebook of course with my friend and comrade ID upon entering the facebook page, point maouse pointers to the images that you want to see it will come out picture / photo enlarged thumbnail.


Good luck ...

Hopefully useful.
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