How To Copy Images Displayed On Computer Screen

March 30, 2011 | 13:57

To copy an existing image or display on a computer screen there is one simple trick that should be used. this trick is better known as the print screen. Print Screen is a copy or a process of "shooting" the current state being displayed on the computer screen. For example, we are now facing a computer screen or when we are online on the internet and reading articles or seeing images on the computer, we can automatically mengabadikannya in the form of images.

Trick or easy way to do it by pressing the Prt Sc SysRq, see picture below:

How to use it:

1. Select a picture or article to the capture time is running computer.
2. Then press the Prt Sc SysRq or Print Screen SysRq
3. Open your paint application
4. After entering the paint application and paste it over there or press ctrl + v

In addition to paint, can also paste into ms offiice, except acces, and corel draw, abode photoshop, etc.

Hopefully useful.
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