Software To Learn Morse Code

March 19, 2011 | 04:41

Morse code is a system of representation letters, numbers and punctuation marks using the signal code. Morse code was also used and studied in the world of scouting or scouting. In the world of scouting morse code communicated using a flashlight or whistle scout. Morse code delivered by blowing the whistle with a short duration to represent the point and blew the whistle with a long duration to represent the line.

Morse code was also used during World War II and before the discovery of a fax machine. Every knock sound morse represent a single letter. When the occurrence of danger, usually the operator will send Morse code ...---... which translates into SOS or Save Our Soul.

This software is called "text to morse", is software that can help you to learn and understand Morse code. Do you want to learn morse code this? If you want to learn and to have it, please download the file below.

>> Download Software To Learn Morse Code
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