Differences Nofollow and Dofollow Blogs

April 8, 2011 | 17:24

In the previous post already described briefly on the definition of blogs nofollow and dofollow blogs based on what I know. On this occasion I will elaborate on the differences that exist at the nofollow and dofollow blogs. The advantages and disadvantages of course owned the nofollow and dofollow blogs.

The advantages and disadvantages nofollow and dofollow blog as follows:

Nofollow Blog:

Excess Nofollow Blog

1. Safe from spammers who are looking for backlinks perfunctory
2. Google preferable in terms of SEO, because Google would prefer this type
3. Can get traffic from search engines and obtain more stable pagerank
4. More looking for creative posts and if playing SEO, nofollow blogs indispensable
5. More flexible do blogwalking to foster friendship and exchange links without having to be picky, so it is more interactive.

Lack Nofollow Blog

1. Rarely even no comment, except for postings that are useful. But sometimes the posts did not warrant a lot of useful comment. But in some cases, not least that its news nofollow blog commenting much.
2. Sometimes the blog visitors are just looking for information about the writing on the blog.

Dofollow Blog:

Excess Dofollow Blog

1. Our blog will often sought by bloggers dofollow blog search
2. Our posts will usually be given more comments, regardless of whether its news quality / beneficial or not because the visitors just want to get a free backlink from our blog. These backlinks will help to raise their pagerank blog.
3. Increase your pageviews. But too many blogs that pageviewnya nofollow nice though quiet comment
4. Usually the owner of dofollow blogs will be considered as being friendly and generous because it would for the backlink-free.
5. And lastly our satisfaction because the writing noticed by other people

Lack of Dofollow Blog

1. Pagerank blog we could go down
2. Comment could lead gray, not spam but as spam
3. Not so beloved by Google because it gives a lot of outgoing links
4. Prone to attack spammers who want a free backlink. Usually they make a modest critical comments they put a link on our blog. Although for this depends on the commentator
5. If too many links out our blog can be deleted in the list or at least Google's search engine indexes only some pages of our blog. Of course this will make visitors from Google is reduced or even absent. And did not rule out our blog pagerank even down

Thus the picture of the advantages and disadvantages between blogs nofollow and dofollow blogs may be useful for visitors. Which one is better between the nofollow and dofollow blog? It depends on the intent and purpose of the blog owner in question. What is clear, both have advantages and disadvantages of each.

Hopefully useful.
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