First Award PapaTiti Online "Best Friend Award"

May 1, 2011 | 16:05

At the end of this month is a time and a very meaningful day for me. In the morning two days ago, when I idly opened this blog via hp and go directly to a guess page book there is little sense of shock and curiosity mixed with pleasure, because fadlyabcd which is a blogger friend sent a message in the guess book is as follows “berkunjung ketempat sahabat memberikan award, silahkan diambil award na gan di TKP, heheh” .

After reading the message on to convey fadlyabcd friend, I try to go straight to the scene and after refer to bottom there are a name PapaTiti Online.

"Best Friend Award " is the first award I received, hopefully by this award provides support and raises the new spirit for me to learn and keep learning and share the best friend of all. And on  fadlyabcd friend, I say thank you for willing to give and to share this award with me.

As an honor and appreciation to my blogger friend and share a sense of joy in this, I also will present "Best Friend Award" this to a friend:

Kabar Kepri
Buku Robek
Terselubung Sekali
Programming Tutorial
Free Download Software and Game
Belajar Untuk Berbagi

Congratulations to the friends who have earned this award.
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