Citus of Damnah Palace in Daik Lingga

May 6, 2011 | 01:11

Daik is the capital of the Lingga. Daik before nearly a hundred years is also the center of the kingdom of Riau-Lingga. Over a hundred years Daik become the center of the kingdom, of course there are many historical relics and so on, one of which Citus Damnah Palace.

Citus Damnah Palace at the present time is one of cultural tourism, nature tourism and education tourism in Regency Lingga.

Entry Gate to Damnah Palace Citus

Replication Palace Damnah in Daik

One of the buildings can still be seen, although only ruins. The palace was built in 1860 at the Sultan Sulaiman Badrul Alamsyah II (1857-1883).

Citus of Damnah Palace in Daik

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