Nature Tours Serak Island in Marok Tua

May 21, 2011 | 04:35

Serak Island is one of the natural tours in the District Lingga, Riau Islands Province. Precisely, Serak Island located in the village of Marok Tua, Singkep Barat, Lingga District.

The existence of Serak Island many who do not know. However, at certain seasons are always the tourists from foreign countries. Although not very crowded, but their routine for a vacation on the this Serak Island. Most of them use private boats brought from their place of origin. In addition to enjoying the beautiful natural scenery, on the Serak Island, the potential of a good fish and corals are very appropriate to serve as tour fishing for the angler.

What is unique, in this Serak Island there are many large rocks and coconut trees are neatly arranged. This Serak Island beach in the the crystal clear sea water and covered with beautiful coral reef in it

Mileage of the town of Dabo Singkep go to this location takes approximately one hour away by car or motorcycle to the village of Marok Tua. After that just resumed again about an hour and a half by using the Speed boat or Pompong (fishing vessels) to go to the location of the island.

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