Eliminating Password in a PDF File

August 3, 2011 | 04:34

There are many ways to reset passwords on PDF files, one which I think is simple, easy and free way is to use PDF Unlocker. As for how this information I found on the Informasi Di Dunia Maya.

PDF Unlocker is a simple and useful application that can remove all sorts of restrictions on a PDF file. It works by removing the password that restricts access in the two regions.

• First to password restrict several functions such as printing a copy and paste.
• Second is the password that can prevent you from accessing or open a PDF file.

The trick is as follows:

1. First of all, first download the software here.
2. Then install to complete.
3. Open explorer and find where you store an existing PDF file is password.
4. Pull (PDF file that password) to the icon on your desktop (PDF Unlocker)

Then there will be two files in your folder, the files XXXX.pdf is an existing password, while XXXX_noPW.pdf, there is not password.

Hopefully Helpful
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