Lips, which can not be denied Men

November 28, 2011 | 06:23

One that can not be rejected men than women are the lips! Did you know, when meet women, men spent the first ten seconds his views on the area of ​​the lips of a woman who polished nuance. Men may not notice the difference in clothing, or hair styles worn unless the woman looks too flashy.

Men pay more attention to areas of the lips of a woman, since this area seemed to be able to send sexual messages to men to recognize and pay attention to the woman's deeper. Clothing from famous designers worn woman, not necessarily take his eyes of men from the lips sensual woman.

One cause of woman's lips look more attractive, because this area can show the true side of the woman. The texture of the skin of the lips between women and men have differences. This includes accompanying shades, where the dominance of textures and colors look better in women than in men. Especially when on your lip gloss along with lipstick. It is able to make a more interesting and fascinating, and certainly this can give the feel of fun for men.
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