Longest Kebab in Japan won World Record

November 29, 2011 | 01:35

(Longest Kebab/Internet)

Giant kebab along more than 100 meters, breaking the record as the world's longest kebab.

In order to promote local beef products typical of a small island in Japan called the island of Ishigaki, the island's residents deliberately cooking kebabs along more than 100 meters, which finally broke the record as the world's longest kebab.

Initially, the planners only plan make the beef kebabs along the 25 meters. This refers to the previous record longest kebab, which is 8.74 meters long.

"But just three days before the event is held, we received information that the Lebanese have scored a new record with 97.5 meter long kebabs in August," said the local tourism department officials, Shuntaro Kosasa, as reported by the Herald Sun, Monday (11/28/2011).

"In the short time we tried to prepare ground beef 4 times more numerous and cooking equipment as well as giant skewers to make kebabs longer than 100 meters," said Kosasa.

Kosasa also said, the stainless steel skewer had to be repaired twice before the world's longest kebab was successfully cooked and certified by an official from Guinness World Records.
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