Mansion 7, A unique shades of Shopping Centers

November 11, 2011 | 23:42

Mansion 7 - As usual, a shopping center or mall is designed with shades of bright, spacious, relaxing and are equipped with music in the air. But in addition to having all of that, this place has unique from the usual.

A nuanced mall haunted house can be found in Bangkok, Thailand. Mansion 7 Shopping Mall, shopping centers that offer a uniqueness that may not be found elsewhere. Architecture of the building looked more like a ghost movie sets, rather than shopping malls.

Shopping center or mall is designed to resemble a large house that is old and creepy. Upon entering the gates, visitors are greeted with an atmosphere tense as if to enter the haunted house. It is expected to attract people to visit.

Mansion 7 provides all the things that was already supposed to exist in a mall. However, coupled with the different elements. Every shop in it made in such a way with its own concept and design keunikian an impossible find in any store other than here.

The food lovers can find unique places to eat. In addition to food places, visitors can also try to enter the Dark Mansion, to feel run down the haunted house for 15 minutes to test the mental and fear. It is amazing and very unique.(
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