So that the husband is always happy

November 11, 2011 | 03:22

Harmonious relationships in a household is the dream of every woman who are married. Various efforts will continue to be done so that the husband is always happy. Although it looks corny, hopefully the following tips useful, which can be done to make the husband is always happy to be on your side.

1. Keep up appearances

It may sound unusual, but the first thing you can do to make husband happy is to keep up appearances. Keep in mind, men are visual creatures. So that men will always look at your appearance.

Men also understand that you will get older and also the same as men. However, it does not mean you should leave it alone, and do nothing. By keeping up appearances, of course it could have made another man looked at you. When there are other men who melakoni this, your partner will automatically show his instincts. Your partner will be more protective, and it certainly makes you happy because your partner so much attention.

2. Become a friend

The first time you met him, would you like to talk to him. And everything he said would seem attractive. However, when you are married long enough, it could have been forgotten and replaced with existing problems. You so rarely a listener for him. Your partner is still needed to talk to. Especially when your husband is facing various problems in the office, or anything else that makes it stressful.

3. Giving praise for her

You can find, what makes you love your spouse. Give your partner compliments for it. if your spouse and you're far apart, contact him by phone. Say what you dipikiran about the advantages it has. Because, one way to make a husband happy is to make the husband feel confident. Your husband must have been meant for you. So, it never hurts to disclose it.

4. Reducing the attitudes and feelings are painful

When you recall the attitude and words which may often painful feelings, you should reduce it. Replace negative attitudes with positive things. When couples do things that upset, so you can not bear to remove the words in an angry tone. But now, you think you should try again. Angered excessive, also can make you tired. Make your partner understand, if you actually try to do the best for this relationship and do not want him hurt.

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