The secret of being a great mother

December 10, 2011 | 05:40


A mother is a great woman because she has a big responsibility on his work, like taking care of her husband and her children, cooking, and so on. Although the mother was busy with activities for the family and his job, but he still has time to socialize with neighbors and friends.

How a mother can divide her time to do that?

1. Getting enough sleep
With enough sleep, certainly can make the activity and time becomes more productive.

2. Do not be afraid to ask for help
The worst thing you can do is try to be all things to all people. Never be afraid to ask for help when needed. No harm, though it should seek assistance from husband

3. Plan & Schedule
Every family should have a calendar with writing about all the important dates. For example, when there are events at the school, appointments with doctors, practice sports, and so on. Marking and writing important dates should be done, because it is not always a mother can continue to remember it. Use the help of reminders such date as the mobile phone owned.

4. Plan time to be with your husband
A great mom should never lose the sense of affection and relationship with their husbands or other family members. Plan time to be with your husband, at least every month. That way, would be able to enjoy time with your husband without any disturbance.

5. Relax
Give children the freedom to learn who he is, and learn from his mistakes.
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