Coffin-shaped aircraft in the Royal Festival Hall

January 29, 2012 | 16:23

A former aircraft engineer and also an enthusiast of Blackpool Football Club in England, Malcolm Brocklehurst, designing strange coffin. He designed a coffin for himself, airplane-shaped and colored orange.

77-year-old man was showing off her coffin at the London Royal Festival Hall under the theme of 'Death: A Festival for the Living'.

"I want a happy funeral. I do not want to make people cry," said Brocklehurst, as reported by AFP on Sunday (1/29/2012).

The coffin was also decorated with the symbol of his favorite football club Blackpool Football Club. Wings of the coffin can also be removed, so it can be easily incorporated crematorium.

Design coffin Brocklehurst, later built by Crazy Coffins. A traditional casket company based in Nottingham. "This is a crazy coffins!" the company said, which was founded in the 1990s.

Not only Brocklehurst is the center of attention in the festival. A former nurse and amateur ballet dancer, Pat Cox (70) also designing a coffin for himself. Cox made the coffin shining like a ballet dancer shoes.

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