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January 8, 2012 | 02:08

Limas house is a traditional house in the past that shaped stage. Limas house has also a site of cultural and historical heritage of Malay. Limas house is a house belonging to the family of Haji Muhammad Sain, located in Batu Besar, Nongsa, Batam, Riau Islands, Indonesia. From the inscription found above the entrance to the house, this old building was founded on November 1, 1959.

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Limas house has historical value for the development of Malay culture in Batam, so designated as historical sites. With defined as historical sites, Limas house will have three functions, namely the historical, educational, and tourism.

As a historical function, namely to preserve the Malay cultural heritage in Batam. Meanwhile, as a function of education, which makes the custom house as a laboratory of history and education of the younger generation. As a function of tourism, which is expected this building can be one object that supports tourism in Batam.

This house is a prototype of malay traditional house in the past. This house is also a Malay cultural roots of historical sites, so it would be an honor for the Malay community if this building can continue to be preserved down to future generations, in order to continue to preserve Malay culture.

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