Game play can be controlled eye movement

March 10, 2012 | 00:52

Game play can be controlled eye movement - No longer playing the game can be done by moving the eyes.

Tobii, a company specializing develop eye-tracking technology or using eye control, utilizing the CeBIT technology exhibition to show off their latest software, Tobii IS-2 Eye Tracker.

Tobii spokesman noted, the technology that they created is now more responsive and can be used in more devices, from laptops, cell phones to gaming devices, as reported by detikInet, Wednesday (03/07/2012).

Tobii utilizes two infrared projector to illuminate the user's pupils, as well as two small cameras to record eye movements. This data is then transmitted to the computer processor, the data issued in the form of eye position, pupil size and gaze of the user which is then translated as control of movement.

Looks funny or scary? Clearly, this will be a unique breakthrough in the gaming world.
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