New 'smart' baby suit contains sensors that tell you why baby is crying

March 10, 2012 | 03:38

A technological developments offer a dress 'smart' Exmobaby baby, which can detect the cause of a baby crying.

The mothers are confused when she saw the baby crying for no reason. If the mother will misunderstand the fatal impact of the baby.

According page, in the clothes pinned a "biosensor" which has a thermometer to monitor heart rate and movement sensor baby.

Exmobaby will make the parents can see the icon that represents their baby's heart rate, emotional state, and the level of activity on their cell phones. Sensors will be embedded in the fabric and transmitted through a pod of small transceiver transmits data once a minute.

This gadget can also feel the humidity and notify parents when their babies diapering. This software can create a parent record his physical condition, such as hunger or fatigue.

Through this technology, parents can continue to update the state of their babies, such as mood via email and text messaging devices. Smartphone applications specifically designed to work for it.

Exmobaby currently being tested in hospital and looking for volunteers to test the gadgets at home. Exmobaby clothes made of conductive fibers and sensors embedded in the fabric. It is very important for first-time mothers to work, but worried about the condition of those who cared for the baby sitter.

Each garment has Exmobaby transceiver that can provide information to the PC and smartphone parents. Plus the software to receive and process information to parents about their children's mood.
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