Nintendo Registers Domain for Super Mario 4

April 16, 2012 | 16:49

Nintendo has registered a website for Super Mario 4.

A few days ago, Nintendo has registered a domain with the name "". This domain is now owned by Nintendo of America, and if we try to go to the address, then we will be redirected to the Nintendo site.

game super mario 4

The purchase of this domain is touted as a simple defensive move for Nintendo, with evidence that the company may be preparing to announce the latest game titles.

In January, Nintendo announced that it is currently developing a new 2D Mario game for the Nintendo 3DS that could become Super Mario 4. Nintendo currently has avoided numbering series Mario game since Super Mario Bros 3 on the NES.

Last year Nintendo released Super Mario Land 3D on Nintendo 3DS, which became the fastest-selling game in the series.

(Source: Digitalspy)
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