Tips to stay healthy during the holidays

April 30, 2012 | 01:43

Tips to stay healthy during the holidays - Traveling with the whole family would be so fun and memorable. When going on vacation, should first ensure all conditions of our bodies stay fit and healthy.

If your child is sick or even when the parents go on vacation, it certainly could change the plan of traveling that has been prepared.

Tips to stay healthy during the holidays

As reported by the Examiner, here are five ways that you and all family members stay healthy during the holidays.

1. Often resting

If traveling by car, a lot of time spent sitting. Old sitting stiff and can cause muscle aches. Take frequent rest when feeling tired. Hiking or camping is a good choice because all the muscles moving and easy to do the whole family.

2. Bring a healthy snack

Took with them much more practical and economical than buying snacks every time you stop at along the way. Fruits such as oranges, pears, apples, bananas, raisins and other dried fruit can be packed. So is cheese, crackers, dry cereals, and beans.

3. Bring enough water

If the distance traveled far enough vacation, be sure to drink enough before, during, and after the trip. Dehydration can affect mental ability and concentration.

4. Bring equipment for sports

Do a family favorite sports such as badminton, volleyball, throwing catching balls, etc.. This game will be more fun if done while away from home. Try to plan in advance of the most enjoyable game before leaving.

5. Balancing the diet

If the house has a lot to eat meat, vacation time is the time to consume a lot of sayuan. If you consume a lot of cereal at home, eat protein multiply during the holidays. In addition to changing routines, this pattern is important for nutrients that enter the body stay in balance.
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