Educational Technology

October 4, 2010 | 01:23

In the present world of information and technology is developing very rapidly and spread to all sectors of life. Education World is a role that master the technology to print human inevitably affected by the same that is touched by technology.

Identical to school education and formal institutions take advantage of technological development by providing infrastructure and facilities for the achievement of an atmosphere conducive to learning and teaching. However, the reality on the ground has not shown a satisfactory picture. Currently, there are still many schools have not touched the technology, especially computers. In some schools revealed Administrative management systems and schools its manual. Typewriter as a means of keeping the administration is still the main tool while on the other side of computer technology has developed rapidly in pengleloaan system management and Administration. Even now computer technology is supported by the Internet which has become a window connecting the world.

Hopefully in the future world that is identical to school education and formal institutions are able and available facilities and infrastructure technology for the progress and development to come.
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