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November 30, 2010 | 01:19

The extent to which we understand about blogs and bloggers who are now familiar in the hearing by us. Below is a brief understanding of what blogs and bloggers.

Blog is short for "web blog" is a web application or an Internet media that provide space remarks (diary) online in the form of writings known as the post on a web page and become a media to share information easily and for free. These writings are often published in reverse order (the latest content first and then followed the older content), although not always the case. Web site like this can usually be accessed by all Internet users from local and international community in accordance with the topic and purpose of the user's blog.

Blogs have a very diverse functions, from a diary, media publicity in a political campaign, through media programs and corporations. Some blog maintained by a single author, while others by several authors,. Many weblogs also have the facility of interaction with the audience, like using the guest book and comments field that can allow its visitors to leave comments on the contents of the published writings, but there is also that the opposite or non-interactive.

The types of blogs :

• Political Blog: About the news, politics, activist, and all issues-based blogs (like the campaign).
• Personal blog: Also called an online diary that contains about one's everyday experiences, complaints, poems or poetry, bad ideas, and conversation of friends.
• Hidden Blog: Blog to discuss about something, and focus on specific topics.
• Health Blog: More specific about health. Health Blog mostly contains the patient's complaint, the latest health news, information, information about health, etc..
• Blog of literature: Better known as litblog (Literary blog).
• travel Blog: Focus on the journey that tells the story discussion remarks about the trip / travel.
• Blog of research: The question of academic as the latest research news.
• Law Blog: The question of law or legal affairs, also called blawgs (Blog Laws).
• Media Blog: Focusing on the discussion of mass media, usually only for newspaper or television network.
• Blog of religion: To discuss about religion
• Blog of education: Usually written by students or teachers.
• Blog of togetherness: a more specific topic written by a particular group.
• Blog guidelines (directory): Contains hundreds of links pages.
• Blog business: Used by employees or entrepreneurs for their business promotion activities
• Blog embodiment: Focus on an object outside the human.
• Blog gadfly (spam): Used for business promotion affiliate, also known as Splogs (Spam Blogs)

Blogger is a term for a private person or group of owners of a website or blog. Where sites or blogs become media or means for a person or a collection of bloggers who write / post to be published on a website or blog, manage a blog with diverse goals, either simply as remarks diary and for other purposes.

Blogger is also a commercial name and hosting free blog platform owned by Google which is better known as Blogspot.
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