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November 30, 2010 | 01:02

In the previous post already discussed how to make email on google / gmail. As already described in my post about the email, there are many free services on the Internet that allows us to create an email.

In this post will describe briefly how to make email on yahoo.

The means or steps - steps to create an email on yahoo as follows :
  1. Clearly, we must first turn on the computer / laptop first and then connecting to the internet.
  2. Once connected to the internet open webbrowser such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.
  3. Go to
  4. Point your views to the top right corner of the column and then click the "Sign Up".
  5. Once open the next page is the charging data.
  6. In the "Tell Us about your Self", fill in the contents by name, gender, date of birth in accordance with your personal data.
  7. In the section "Select an Id and Password" enter your Yahoo Id and email as you wish.
  8. In the "Security Question" and "Security Question", please select a question that only you can answer that. Suppose that a childhood nickname or pet.
  9. Then in "Just a Couple more details" on the "Type the code shown", fill in the CAPTCHA code that appears.
  10. Then click the "Continue" to enter your email account.
  11. Congratulations, you've completed your email account. To note, you should never provide personal data email, such as passwords and security question, to others, just think of it as your important account PIN.
  12. Completed
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