Submit Facebook Account to The Google Search Engine

December 25, 2010 | 01:48

Just as your website or blog, facebook account, we can also apply the technique in order to go in search listings on search engines. The technique is useful when we make our facebook as a media business or a business. By applying this technique, in the hope that the search engine could index our facebook profile page.

One technique that can be applied on facebook is to our facebook account ID Submit to google search engine.

Step - step submit ID to your facebook account :

1. Note the first ID akunt our facebook.

2. if we do not know our facebook ID, click the facebook profile and see in the browser on your computer then copy that we use to name our Id.

3. After noting our facebook account ID, we begin to submit to google search engine :

4. visit in your browser, enter the ID facebook account was in the box provided (the URL for the ID account up and Comments fill with our name on facebook).

5. After that, Click Add URL.
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